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Services for aircraft operators


Compass Aviation Group is a global aviation firm created on the foundation that the aviation industry needs viable, affordable and practical solutions. We continue to create partnerships and develop long term relationships with our clients by providing those solutions with professionalism, expertise and commitment.

Commercial: 121 Carriers and 135 Carriers

  • Aircraft Acquisitions
  • Lease Returns
  • Asset Evaluations
  • Airline Management Services
    • Project Management
    • Asset Management
    • Fleet Management
    • Engine Management
    • Maintenance Planning
    • Independent Internal Audits
  • Technical Representation
    • Heavy Maintenance Technical Reps
  • Technical Publications
    • Aircraft Manuals
    • Customized Maintenance Programs
    • Customized Job Card Programs
  • Aircraft Inspections
    • General Inspections
    • LOI Pre-purchase Inspections
    • Detailed Pre-purchase Inspection
    • Lease Return Inspection
    • Import/Export Inspections
    • Heavy Maintenance Technical Reps
    • Continuing Airworthiness
    • Aircraft Damage Inspections
    • Conformity Inspections
  • Aircraft Records Audits
    • Aircraft LOI Pre-Purchase Record Audit
    • Aircraft Detailed Pre-Purchase Record Audit
    • Aircraft Lease Return Record Audit
    • Aircraft Delivery/Redelivery Audit
    • Aircraft Compliance Audits
    • Aircraft Import/Export Records Audits
  • Aircraft Incident and Damage Assessments
  • Aircraft Import/ Export Management
  • Ferry Flights