Our Services


We offer a full suite of lease management solutions to our clients, choose one service or a combination to fit the project. Compass Aviation is a global market leader in aviation technical services. Let our decades of experience work for you.

Our lease and records management software utilizes real-time data, allowing our clients to forecast and plan ahead for large expenditures of capitol and time, which equal higher efficiencies and profit margins. We invite you to explore Elevate’s software services: www.elevate.aero

  • Full Lease Management Software
  • Heavy Maintenance Management Software
  • Digital Records Software
  • Utilization Monitoring
  • Reserve Monitoring and Invoicing
  • Aircraft Technical Record Audits
  • Mid-Lease Inspections
  • Aircraft Inspections
  • Aircraft Delivery/Redelivery
  • Lease Financial Health
  • Compliance Surveillance
  • Lease Return Physical and Records Requirements
  • Repossession and Aircraft Recovery
  • Expert Witness and litigation Support
  • Ferry Flights