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It is vital to asset aircraft records throughout an airplane’s lifecycle to determine history, compliance and accuracy. Accurate aircraft documentation is essential in assessing status and value of the asset. As your partner Compass Aviation Group, will provide its experienced auditors to audit your aircraft records to insure accuracy, conformity and compliance. Browse our audits or let us customize a records audit plan for you.


This is a general overview of the records, history and status of the airplane.

Aircraft Records survey includes a limited records documentation review, technical and operations manual review, maintenance program review and a findings report.

  • Mid-Lease Audit
  • Mid-Term Audit
  • LOI or Pre-purchase Records Survey
  • Asset Survey
  • Aircraft Damage Assessment Survey


This records audit is a comprehensive in depth look into the records, history and state of the airplane records and documentation. This is a complete back to birth technical records audit.  Includes an in depth audit and compilation of the life limited items on the airframe and engines, AD compliance, SB compliance, maintenance state, damage maps, serialized equipment list reports. Summarization reports are provided at the end of the audit and is complied of outstanding maintenance items, serialized equipment list and details on the component life.

  • Aircraft Lease Initiation
  • Lease Return Audit
  • Aircraft Delivery/Redelivery
  • Pre-Purchase Audit (detailed)
  • Aircraft Compliance Audit
  • Aircraft Bridge Audit
  • Aircraft Conformity Audit
  • Recovery Audit