Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Comprehensive Aircraft Inspections and Trusted Client Partnerships

As we near the conclusion of 2023, we are reflecting on our aircraft inspection initiatives year to date. Over the course of the year, we’ve diligently conducted more than 500 annual and mid-lease audits, serving a diverse portfolio of global leasing clients. Our engagements have spanned the spectrum, from individual aircraft assessments to comprehensive evaluations of over 70 aircraft tranches.
Our unwavering commitment to professionalism and the consistency of our reporting standards have been the cornerstone of our practice, culminating in numerous clients entrusting us with repeat engagements for the coming year.
As you strategise for your fleet inspection plans in 2024, we invite you to connect with us to explore how our value-driven services can support you. We’re keen to share more about how we can contribute to the success of your fleet management plans.

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