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Technical Services
Aircraft records
Aircraft Inspections

We have decades of expertise available through our professional teams who can operate either remotely or on site as each customer project dictates. Our technical service offering include:

Aircraft Phase In

  • Assessing the aircraft’s records
  • Verification of maintenance history
  • Prepare / assess the minimum equipment list
  • Prepare bridging programme / inspection
  • Defect recertification control arising
  • Project Manage the MRO coordination of scheduled maintenance
  • Co-ordinate the replacement of life-limited parts and component inspection requirements

AMP Management 

  • Preparation for approval of the aircraft’s maintenance programme
  • Reliability programme management

Document Control

  • Assessing, managing and archiving all technical records
  • Provide Elevate SaaS to ensure best practice

Expert Witness and Litigation Support

We offer a full suite of lease management solutions to our clients, choose one service or a combination to fit the project. Compass Aviation is a global market leader in aviation technical services. Let our decades of experience work for you.

Our lease and records management software utilizes real-time data, allowing our clients to forecast and plan ahead for large expenditures of capitol and time, which equal higher efficiencies and profit margins. We invite you to explore Elevate’s software services: www.elevate.aero

  • Full Lease Management Software
  • Heavy Maintenance Management Software
  • Digital Records Software
  • Utilization Monitoring
  • Reserve Monitoring and Invoicing
  • Aircraft Technical Record Audits
  • Mid-Lease Inspections
  • Aircraft Inspections
  • Aircraft Delivery/Redelivery
  • Lease Financial Health
  • Compliance Surveillance
  • Lease Return Physical and Records Requirements
  • Repossession and Aircraft Recovery
  • Expert Witness and litigation Support
  • Ferry Flights

Compass Aviation Group understands the importance of having complete, correct and orderly documentation available for when regulatory authorities need to review, during the transfer of aircraft ownership, and to control maintenance events.

  • Records audits and document preparation for initial aircraft acquisitions, lease return, transfer of aircraft ownership or import/export of aircraft.
  • Review of aviation records and documents for legal and insurance assessments
  • Records Archiving
  • Remote Records Scanning Service
  • Digital Records Software
  • Translation of Technical Records into English
  • Hard Copy (dirty finger print) Records Organization
  • Turn Key Records Department for Airline or Leasing Company

Compass Aviation Group’s airline services are extensive. Experienced aviation professionals in airline management, aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul across the globe are ready when a project arrises. We continue to create partnerships and develop long term relationships with our clients by providing solutions with professionalism expertise and commitment.

We offer customizable options to meet your needs from technical representation during maintenance, lease return management, records audit and management, maintenance program development, to inspections.

Maintenance Program Bridging
Aircraft Delivery
Heavy Maintenance Technical Representation
Electronic Records
Digital Records Software
Custom Reliability Dashboards
Lease Return  Records Audits
Lease Return Records Preparation
Lease Compliance


Let us be your outsource partner as we also offer complete turn key technical services departments.

Turn Key Technical Services Departments
Technical Publications
Maintenance Programs


Compass Aviation Group can customize maintenance programs and customize job cards to meet your specific operation needs. We match our electronic job cards with your existing system, saving you time and money.

Maintenance Program Bridging
Low Utilization Programs
Customized Maintenance Programs

  • reduce heavy maintenance lines
  • reduce overnight maintenance cost and overnight facility expense
  • increase reliability and downtime


  • reduce package prep time
  • real time revisions
  • less paperwork for technicians
  • world wide access
  • eliminate copying

Each aircraft is unique: therefore each inspection is unique. Contact us about one of our common inspections or receive a customized inspection plan tailored for you specific needs.

  • General Inspection
  • Asset Survey Inspection
  • Pre-Purchse Inspection
  • Mid-Lease Inspection
  • Lease Initiation Inspection
  • Lease Return Inspection
  • Lease Termination Inspection
  • Continuing Airworthiness
  • Aircraft Damage Inspection
  • Conformity Inspections
  • Import/Export Inspections

It is vital to asset aircraft records throughout an airplane’s lifecycle to determine history, compliance and accuracy. Accurate aircraft documentation is essential in assessing status and value of the asset. As your partner Compass Aviation Group, will provide its experienced auditors to audit your aircraft records to insure accuracy, conformity and compliance. Browse our audits or let us customize a records audit plan for you.


This is a general overview of the records, history and status of the airplane.

Aircraft Records survey includes a limited records documentation review, technical and operations manual review, maintenance program review and a findings report.

  • Mid-Lease Audit
  • Mid-Term Audit
  • LOI or Pre-purchase Records Survey
  • Asset Survey
  • Aircraft Damage Assessment Survey


This records audit is a comprehensive in depth look into the records, history and state of the airplane records and documentation. This is a complete back to birth technical records audit.  Includes an in depth audit and compilation of the life limited items on the airframe and engines, AD compliance, SB compliance, maintenance state, damage maps, serialized equipment list reports. Summarization reports are provided at the end of the audit and is complied of outstanding maintenance items, serialized equipment list and details on the component life.

  • Aircraft Lease Initiation
  • Lease Return Audit
  • Aircraft Delivery/Redelivery
  • Pre-Purchase Audit (detailed)
  • Aircraft Compliance Audit
  • Aircraft Bridge Audit
  • Aircraft Conformity Audit
  • Recovery Audit